It’s spring break! I refuse to capitalize this, as it’s not a proper holiday. But I am enjoying it, even if I have so much homework that I still have to spend 3-4 hours a day on it. I can sleep in! I can stay up late! I can have dinner with my husband! Decadence.

The weather also chose this fortuitous moment to get nice down here in Texas, so yesterday I took advantage of it.I strapped my new bike bag to the Venture 3 and took off on a ride. I kind of had to prod myself out the door, but soon I was making what I now think of as bikeyface – a happy, joyful look which always comes when I ride my bike. The general aim was to see if I could figure out a way to get to the library that wasn’t too traffic-heavy. This is easier said than done, because it’s about 8 miles away and I’d have to go across or down some rather heavily-traveled (by cars) streets. But I’m an adventurous type. I figured I didn’t HAVE to be at the library, so if I decided somewhere along the way that car drivers were just too stupid, I’d pack it in and go home.
I never did make it to the library, but not because of the traffic. It was in the middle of the day, so no rush-hour insanity, and most people were rather considerate. No one honked at me or came too close or followed me slowly like a shark. I crossed not one but two big streets at the light, along with the cars, and it went just fine. At one point I was going down a hugely busy four-lane road on the shoulder, and there was plenty of room. Like a lot of things, it seems much more frightening thinking about it than it is.
But I never did get to the library because I started wandering. I’d see a little side street and wonder where that went, or I’d recognize a street name and go off to see if it ended up where I thought it might. Finally, I found my way to a little strip mall which houses a number of thrift stores and a rockin’ Mexican food place. Whoo hoo! Now I know how to shop for some bargains and get a nice chicken fajita torta on my bicycle.
By the way, I got the word “bikeyface” from a nifty little comic about – what else? – bicycling. Check it out: What is a Bikeyface?
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